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Pretty Little Intentions

Harvest Delight manifestation Ritual & body oil

Harvest Delight manifestation Ritual & body oil

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Welcome the season of harvest with the Harvest Delight Ritual Oil. Crafted with a blend of natural oils, essential oils, herbs, mica and infused with crystals, this oil is perfect for manifestation and attracting abundance in your life.

Made using a base of jojoba oil and blended to perfection using only natural ingredients that have been carefully selected for their unique properties and is crystal infused. The Harvest Delight Ritual Oil is designed to enhance your spiritual practice in manifesting abundance by creating an energetic vibration that aligns harmoniously with your desires

The aroma of this oil is simply divine. The essential oils used in its formulation will help you feel grounded while creating an atmosphere that will help you focus on manifesting your desires. This ritual oil can be used during meditation or anytime you need to enhance the energy around you.

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