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Pretty Little Intentions

Cut The Cord Ritual

Cut The Cord Ritual

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It’s natural that certain experiences or people stick with us and are hard to shake. Some relationships transform us and make us who we are, certain memories mark pivotal moments, and some experiences become part of the way we define ourselves. 

But sometimes our attachment to these aspects of our past can become unhealthy. We end up feeling resentment and ruminating about our hurts, or even the loves or opportunities we’ve lost. And as a result, we keep feeding the thing we don’t want. 

Let’s face it, ruminating, resenting, and even reminiscing take a lot of energy! It’s difficult to feel like the most grounded version of yourself and to live your life connected to the guidance of Spirit when a part of you is always giving energy to something from your past. These old energetic cords keep us from living in alignment with our highest good. 

When you finally let go completely and cut the energetic cord that binds you, you also set the other person free to move on. This aspect may be difficult to accept at first, and it’s a great opportunity to practice forgiveness and compassion for yourself and the other person. 

Once you’ve released this old energy, you can reattune to your highest self. This part of you is always there, but sometimes it gets clouded by the heaviness of your challenging thoughts and feelings. Completing a cord cutting ritual means freeing up precious energy to invest in creating the inspired life you desire!


What I Will Need from You:


• A birthdate    

•There is nothing more that you need to do. During the session we will not be able to communicate as I will be in meditation, but after I will send you pictures or video of the ritual and include a reading and any guidance i receive while in meditation.

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