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Pretty Little Intentions

Patroness Empowerment & protection Ritual & Body Oil

Patroness Empowerment & protection Ritual & Body Oil

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Unlock your power with Patroness Ritual Oil. This blend of ritual oil is perfect for those seeking to enhance their protection, empowerment, passion, willpower, and rid those limiting beliefs.

Crafted especially for individuals looking to embrace their radical sense of self-worth while banishing self-doubt, Patroness Ritual Oil embodies the energies of Lilith- the goddess known for her fierce independence.

The luxurious blend of oils offers a captivating aroma that titillates the senses while promoting inner sexuality. This ritual oil will leave you feeling confident as you tap into your inner strength.

Whether preparing for a ritual or simply looking to connect with yourself on a deeper level- Patroness Ritual Oil is perfect for those wanting to elevate their personal power while embracing protection and passion.

Get yours and unlock your true potential!


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